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Thread: what is the probability that the bus and the persone arrives at the same time?

  1. #1 what is the probability that the bus and the persone arrives at the same time? 
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    There is a bus that come every 10 min. What is the probability that a person come at the exact moment the bus arrives if p(x) is 1/20 between 0 and 30, where x is the time? I think its 3/10, but how do you get this? When I integrate the function I get x/20, but the probability for P(X=0) is 0/20. P(X=10) = 10/20, and so on. I think there is something I didn't quite understand.

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    For a continuous distribution the probability is 0 for one particular point. You need to analyze the problem in terms of intervals. For example what is the probability that the person and the bus arrive within ten seconds of each other?

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    All these probability questions are starting to sound like homework.
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