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Thread: The Effect of Harmonic Stimulation on Stable Chaotic Phases

  1. #1 The Effect of Harmonic Stimulation on Stable Chaotic Phases 
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    I am interested to find out if:

    Stable regions of chaotic behaviour can be influenced by a harmonic input to create a region/s of order
    - whether these individually induced regions of order are always contiguous
    - how independently induced regions of order interact with each other despite boundaries of chaos betwixt


    Observations such as these would fascinate me as a scientist and as an amateur philosopher. The age old questions of freedom in a chaotic world and the imposition of order on it to bring stability are ones that society is constantly asking of itself. It would be interesting to build physical analogues of these questions. Can different regimes (harmonically induced regions of order) live alongside each other?

    If these kinds of studies have not been done, I am sure that such studies would also bare fruit in fields of pure mathematics.

    If, however, studies have been done to try to observe and perhaps even make rules of chaotic distribution and interaction with harmonics (or give names to its movements, interactions etc..) I would love to read more about the subject.

    e.g. In the cornstarch experiment the vibration at the base would be considered part of the medium, but it an additional localised harmonic/s was added (perhaps a mechanised air jet that blew at regular intervals), how would patterns be effected?

    I suspect that to get good results it would take more than a speaker and some cellophane and my budget is somewhat limited. I hope one day I will be able to see these kinds of observations on YouTube also.

    Thank you very much for your time in reading this post.

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    Stan, after some discussion on this topic, with a couple of chums, I have decided to get back to you at a later date.
    At the present time I am very much involved in an extended lunch break.
    Creamola aka william il sung.

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