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Thread: Electric Engineer wants to learn more math (and learn it better)

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    Hey there!

    I'm about to finish the Spanish equivalent of a degree in Electric Engineering plus a masters in Electronics and Systems engineering.

    Through these years, I've found mathemathics to be one of the most fascinating subjects. I loved every lesson on Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, dynamic systems and so on. However, and understandably so, our programme felt a bit rushed. Engineers have to learn a lot of stuff and math was approached from a practical point of view. We studied from our lesson notes and used former exam solutions as practice, which makes me feel like I learned a "metagame" to beat the tests rather than proper math. After dusting the techniques from my memory, I can do multiple integrals or minimize a Hamiltonian in a control problem, but I feel I'm just working like a machine without a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.

    Since I'm very likely to have a more relaxed time next year, after I'm done with uni and I start looking for a job, I would like to give maths a second, more in depth look. Here comes my question then: What books/resources would you recommend to obtain a more intimate knowledge of, among others, algebra, calculus, topology, differential equations, set theory, game theory... I don't necessarily require them to be easy (I've already been through these subjects and passed with good marks to a graduate/master's level) but I would love them to be comprehensive and engaging.

    Thank you very much in advance, and by the way, nice to meet you all!

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    Nice to meet you too...

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