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Thread: Can anybody recommend some good undergraduate math textbooks?

  1. #1 Can anybody recommend some good undergraduate math textbooks? 
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    I am interested in self teaching myself some subjects. I need

    1) Linear Algebra /Matrix math
    2) Differential Equations
    3) Abstract Algebra

    I've already done some work and dabbled in all of these, but I need a firm grounding, and books that will give that. Since I'm self-teaching, a big plus one for any books attached to free online courses. Also a good calc review/reference book would also be good if you know one.

    Thanks any input!

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    For abstract algebra, you can try Rings, Fields and Groups: An Introduction to Abstract Algebra by R.B.J.T. Allenby. Itís fairly comprehensive in the range of topics it covers. As for linear algebra or differential equations, sorry I canít be of much help to you Ė itís been a while since my days at uni and I just canít remember the details of the textbooks I used then.

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    i know of a few books
    An intro to linear algebra by Robert Beezer (talks alot)
    an intro ... by kennith kuttler
    linear algebra and its applications by David C Lay
    linear algebra ... by Gilbert Strang
    one on CC fairly short
    linear algebra in 25 lectures by Tom Denton and Andrew Waldronetc
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    Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry by Addison Wesley is a good start.
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