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Thread: Optimized Solution

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    Dear All:

    Please throw some light and guide me by suggesting how I should take it forward.

    Please find the attached image & then read through the following. 1.jpg

    Constraints: 1. The minimum distance between the holes are 200mm
    2. The maximum distance between the holes are 600mm
    3. The distance between the end of the bar and the nearest hole should be at least 70mm
    4. The mill bars should have at least 2 holes

    The standard length of the mill bar is a constant, say 1500mm.
    But the length of the plate, as well as the position of the holes, are variables.

    Keeping all the above mentioned constraints, we need to accommodate the bars on the plate.
    You may cut the bars into any length required in order to accommodate them, but should try to use the
    standard length the most (optimized solution).

    We need to find the total number of bars required & their respective lengths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomachans View Post
    We need to find the total number of bars required & their respective lengths.
    We? No, WE don't, you do.

    What have you tried so far?

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    My apologies.

    I feel this is a case of LPP (Linear Programming Problem). But I find it a lot difficult to formulate into one.
    Can you throw some light.

    Please suggest otherwise.

    NB: My english is poor, I use the translator. That was the reason of "we".
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