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Thread: Meta analysis possible if only Relative Risks and 95% CI's are available?

  1. #1 Meta analysis possible if only Relative Risks and 95% CI's are available? 
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    Dear members,

    My knowledge of statistics is extremely limited. Since a few months I am wondering if it is possible to perform a meta analysis in SPSS if only Relative Risks (RR's) and 95% CI's are available from scientific publications.

    Here is a link to a table showing a meta-analysis based on RR's from 16 different publications. Each RR is described in addition to it's 95% CI and the % weight it is given in the analysis: http://aje.oxfordjou....expansion.html

    My question is: Can I enter this data in SPSS and perform a meta-analysis myself? If so, can somebody tell me how to I must enter the data? As far as I am concerned the example can be based on the following 3 RR's:

    RR = 1.06 (0.36-3.12) % weight = 8%.
    RR = 0.76 (0.49-1.18) % weight = 38%.
    RR = 0.90 (0.69-1.18) % weight = 54%.


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