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    Hey there maths section! Just got into sixth form today and it turns out i got rejected from doing further maths. I'm a high A/A* student but failed my last test and got a high B. It was simply awful for me. They wont even let me try the 6 weeks period of option changes to see if i can do it, just a straight up no. would have been a different story if i got an A though. So anyways, i've taken maths, physics, chemistry and now i'm taking biology. However i still want the further maths A level because it would be a great benefit to my other sciences and really help in my University years (Going to study physics). I may not be able to take lessons but i can still get a private testing from the exam board if i pay... I won't let one failed test ruin my odds, i'm going to knuckle down and get all the materials i need to learn further maths over two years, teaching myself at home. I would greatly appreciate if your fine folks could help me through these next two stressful years if i ever run into any problems. Any question i post will be purely to teach myself, it will not be to do homework set or what not. In advance, thank you so much to those who help me through these next years!

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