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    does vedic maths help in improving calculations'speed and accuracy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter
    does vedic maths help in improving calculations'speed and accuracy?
    Certainly, many of these are 'tricks' used by 'memory' artists,
    (I accept 'tricks' is not the correct expression)

    Take a look at:

    Take notice of tutorial 4 which indicates any number ending in 5 (eg 25)
    can be squared by taking the 5 and squaring it = 25 and then taking the remaining value and multiplying it by (itself+1) ie 2*3 = 6 put the results together = 625 ie multiply the 6 by 100. It is correct and always works, here is the proof which I used many years ago to check it's validity for myself.

    Now pick a number (ending in 5) say 135

    Let n=13 then 135^2 = (10n+5)^2 = 100n^2 + 100n + 25 = x [eq1]

    Now equate vedic to a normal equation for this example gives:

    x = (n * (n+1) * 100 ) + 25 (The 100 comes from 'shifting past 25')

    = 100n (n+1) + 25 = 100n^2 + 100n + 25 ie the same as eq[1]

    I frequently use 'vedic' but ONLY where I have proven to myself it is valid.
    I have never come across a Vedic which does NOT conform to 'conventional maths' I have NOT tested them all.

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