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    I am now owrking on a Artificial life simulator. Go to wiki to look up what it is.

    Anyhow my mathematical problem is to figure out the area that is shown in the direction of movement, as we all know the faster you move the more resistence you feel from the water.

    The "life forms" are merly biengs made up by sticks of different lenght. One stick is simple to calculate, but my problem is to calculate the higher stick variations, with approximations of somekinda.

    1 stick is simple
     L*sin a
    L is the lenght of the stick and a is the angle the stick is facing relative the movement vector. 0 would be that they are facing the same direction.

    2 sticks is more complicated, when the angle between both sticks is 180° then would be a straight line and be calcualted as they were one big stick. But if we decreases the angle we get a V shape. assumiong the point where those 2 sticks meet, joint, goes with the movement vector we get another simple equation
    (L<sub>1</sub>+L<sub>2</sub>)*cos b
    b is the angle between the sticks, and Ls are the lenght of them

    but when we change the direciton of the W it gets complicated. I want to have it like if a stick is behind another it wont feel anyforce becuase the one infront take the hit. I know this is complicated but id like to get some help figuring this mathematic out. You know what they, 2 heads is better than one

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