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    K, so I was looking for an online discussion forum to discuss this matter. I wanted to discuss this with people who might good with math and I found this forum in a google search, so I hope I'm in the right place.

    What I wanted to talk about is this cipher I discovered a couple of years back I named "The Stone of Gold":

    The Stone of Gold

    0.A = 1 The Fool
    1.B = 10 The Magus
    2.G = 3 The High Priestess
    3.H = 4 The Empress
    4.M = 5 The Emperor
    5.N = 6 The Hierophant
    6.S = 7 The Lovers
    7.T = 8 The Chariot
    8.Y = 14 Lust
    9.Z = 2 The Hermit
    10.E = 11 Fortune
    11.F = 12 Adjustment
    12.K = 26 The Hanged Man
    13.L = 9 Death
    14.Q = 15 Art
    15.R = 16 The Devil
    16.W = 17 Tower
    17.X = 18 The Star
    18.C = 19 The Moon
    19.D = 20 The Sun
    20.I = 21 Aeon
    21.J = 22 The Universe
    22.O = 23 Disks
    23.P = 24 Cups
    24.U = 25 Swords
    25.V = 13 Wands

    The Stone of Gold (Inverted)

    0.A = 26 The Fool
    1.B = 17 The Magus
    2.G = 24 The High Priestess
    3.H = 23 The Empress
    4.M = 22 The Emperor
    5.N = 21 The Hierophant
    6.S = 20 The Lovers
    7.T = 19 The Chariot
    8.Y = 13 Lust
    9.Z = 25 The Hermit
    10.E = 16 Fortune
    11.F = 15 Adjustment
    12.K = 1 The Hanged Man
    13.L = 18 Death
    14.Q = 12 Art
    15.R = 11 The Devil
    16.W = 10 Tower
    17.X = 9 The Star
    18.C = 8 The Moon
    19.D = 7 The Sun
    20.I = 6 Aeon
    21.J = 5 The Universe
    22.O = 4 Disks
    23.P = 3 Cups
    24.U = 2 Swords
    25.V = 14 Wands

    In order to find out what kind of Mathematics came into play when trying to get this cipher you can read this paper I wrote on it: Blog 93: How to get the Stone of Gold

    After I discovered this cipher I realized that my birth name Julio Cesar Martinez Rodriguez while using this cipher equaled to the following names:

    Julio = God = 35
    Cesar = Hadit = 81
    Rodriguez = Hathor = 106
    Julio Martinez = Ninety Three = 181

    It also equaled to the names of all these Gods in this list: Blog 93: The Pantheon

    Now what I want to figure out Mathematically, that's why I came looking for a Math Forum in which to discuss this, is what is the Mathematical Probability of my name equaling to the names of all these Gods? I started out doing the Math by writing this paper first to give you an idea of what I'm trying to calculate: Blog 93: Mathematics - Probability

    Something I should probably mention is that before I discovered this cipher I had a paranormal experience in which I met this Red Star that looked like the Egyptian God Hadit in the Sky while peering up at the stars one night. The star just came out in the sky for a couple of seconds and told me "I am God." then went away.

    If you're interesting in reading the whole story of how this happened you can find a collection of the most important posts on my blog about this phenomenon here:

    All I need help with right now is trying to calculate the fractions of what are the chances of Julio equaling God. That's the only question I want to figure out right now what are the chances, fraction wise, of Julio equaling to God? Here's a paper I wrote to start off with to try and get you to understand what I need help calculating: Blog 93: Mathematics - Probability

    Can somebody help me put the probability of Julio equaling to God into fractions? That's my main problem I need help with solving what are the chances, fraction-wise, of Julio equaling to God?

    Let me give you a list of other questions/problems that perhaps you can help me put into fractions.

    What is the probability of an individual meeting God and then discovering a cipher by manipulating the letters in the alphabet and having his name equal to 13 Gods?

    What is the probability of an individual's first name, middle name, and second last name equaling to God Hadit Hathor.

    What is the probability of Cesar equaling to Hadit?

    What is the probability of Rodriguez equaling to Hathor?

    What is the probability that this cipher be discovered in the Thelemic year 104 and have the words "Will" and "Love" equal 52 and when you add them 52 + 52 it equals to 104? (The words "Will" and "Love" are two important key words in the Philosophy of Thelema in which God Hadit is a principle deity. The chances of finding this cipher in 104 and having Will + Love = 104 are quite astounding, I just want to calculate the probability of this happening into reasonable Mathematics. In order to understand this a bit better I suggest reading "Most Important Blog 93 Posts" on my blog,

    Edit: Notice how this cipher didn't move around the letters that much at all. What you can basically do to get this cipher is basically write down the regular alphabet A, B, C etc. then get the first two letters, skip four letters, then get another two letters and add them to the row of the first two letters, so that's going to give you "A, B, G, H" then continue this pattern until you have the entire alphabet in this pattern. After getting this pattern you're going to need to simply switch 6 letters around. Switch "K" with "V", "Y" with "L", and "Z" with "B", then after doing this simply number you're new pattern of letters and you have "The Stone of Gold" now if you number this pattern of letters upside down you have "The Stone of Gold (Inverted)". That's all you have to do to get this cipher.

    Now another question:

    What is the probability of an individual meeting God Hadit the Red Star and then discovering a cipher in which his name, in this case "Julio Cesar" equals to "God Hadit"?

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    I went ahead and edited the original message just to add a couple of more things.

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