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    there is one subject ie maths which is used everywhere . maths is in everything architecture acoustics biology chemistry hindi sanskrit as well as in painting also but i can't get some day to day uses of maths if you can help me out please help me i would be thankful to you please do help me

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    That took a while to read. You need to use some punctuation.

    Anyway. It depends a little on how everyday you mean. The most obvious thing is dealing with money in various ways. I mean, when the bank is offering you various kinds of loans, a little math can tell you what to expect.

    Another common thing would be probabilities. There are lots of time when we take risks. People that can objectively analyze those risks can usually make better decisions.

    Logic is a related subject that too few people seem to get. There are many logical fallacies that sound really good, but once you learn something about logic, you can spot these.

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