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Thread: demonstartion of karma good luck of good bad luck of bads

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    bob is seduced by the dark side:

    he believes in instant easy rewards taking big risks

    alice is within the bright side:

    she believes on trying hard for big rewards risking litle

    theyre gonna play a dice game and bet money

    these are the rules of the game:

    the dice is thrown two times each game, number 13 is different to 31

    odd games bob is the house pair games alice is the house

    the house number is 11, any time this number appears the house wins

    now the bright side startegy that fits its principles is bet one each game to win 34 euros

    the dark side principles become an startegy in which you bet to 34 numbers a total of 34 euros to win one, easy short term reward big risk

    bob is the house:

    alice bets at one number:

    she has a chance of winning 34 euro one time out of 36

    she has a chance of losing one euro 35 times out of 36

    so in 36 games she wins 34 and loses 35, in 36 games she loses one euro that goes to the house bob

    now alice is the house:

    bob bets at 34 numbers to win one:

    so he will win one euro 34 times out of 36

    and he will lose 34 euros two times out of 36

    so on 36 times he wins 34 euros and loses 34*2=68, so on 36 times he will lose 34 euros

    and those 34 euros that the dark side loses go to the bright side the house

    so when bob is the house alice loses 1 and when alice is the house bob loses 34

    every couple of games alice will win 33 euros that by the way its a magic number out of a magic game

    the key of what makes the dark side startegy lose to the bright side so uberly is that the dark side knows himslef wrong so he bets agaisnt self:

    is not posible that 34 numbers appear on supperposition if you bet to number one and two youre betting against yourself cause both numbers cant posibly appear at the same time

    so i hope make people think on their ways

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    as i see it in a 50% chance game under certain circunstances you can make it quantum and win

    imagine alice and bob play a roulette game at which theres no zero and they alternate to be the house

    bob plays at the dark side strategy of easy litle winning on big risk and alice on the bright side strategy of difiicult big prizes with litle risk

    its easy to see that there no being 0 in the roulete its a 50-50 chance

    but now they start playing with a roulete in which theres zero

    alice is betting one to win 35 while bob is betting 35 to win one

    what will happen after 37 million thrwos of the ball

    alice will have lost 1 million while bob will have lost 35 million, each game that the zero appears bob loses 35 while alice only one

    so if they take turns to be the house alice will have wonn after 37 million games 34 million

    im really confused with this

    oh and happy holidays

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    Out of ma mind.
    Happy holidays :P
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    a simpler way to see this:

    imagine bob and alice play a 50% game, luck

    bob is gonna be the house till alice win or loses 1 million dollars moment that alice will switch to be the house and so on for certain time

    they both play betting at red or black with one difference:

    alice plays one million dollar each time while bob plays one dollar each time

    its obvious that when alice plays and bob is the house she has a chance close to 0.5 to win

    while when alice is the house and bob plays bob is gonna win nearly never

    so they will keep alternating to be the house and bob will lose almost always while alice just a an almost 50%of times

    so in a game of luck of 50% risking the minimum posible means losing almost always in a game of luck as is life
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