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    I'm looking for a better than method.

    I have "objects" and "things". I can not order my "objects" or "things" but when I pair an "object" with a "thing" I can calculate a number . I need to know what combination of pairs of "objects" and "things" will minimize

    The poor method.
    1) Assign a number to each of the "objects"
    2) Calculate for all possible orders of "things"
    3) pick the order that gave the least

    Physical example:
    I have 5 odd shapes of blue paper and 5 odd shapes of red paper. Every shape has the same area. (i.e I can't assign an order to the shapes)
    When I place a red shape on top of a blue shape I can calculate the area of blue that is not coved by the red shape. This is the

    Any idea may help.

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    Actually, you can do it in by just checking each object vs each thing, and storing the results in an n-by-n table. Checking the ways of ordering the things would generate a lot of duplicated checks. Off hand, I don't think you'd be able to reduce it below without some details from the specific problem.

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