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    I'm going to work through the free topology e-book that you (Guitarist) gave me the link to. I'd like to post the problems with my answers here as I do them to see if I'm right and get help. I'm sure some of us wouldn't mind a little practice anyway. ...I just started to type out the problems and realized that it would be very time-consuming... Would anyone who's looking at this be willing to refer to the site if I just give me problem numbers? Link Also, I realize that this takes time and effort and if I'm just asking too much between this thread and the manifolds thread, please tell me and I'll back off.

    1. (a) Topology
    (b) Not a topology
    (c) Topology

    2. (a) Not a topology
    (b) Not a topology
    (c) Not a topology

    3. a, d, g, n, i, l (not as sure about this one)

    This is where I'm going to stop for now...the next I know is going to be a big leap for me if I can figure it out.

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