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    Publications Online is an international journal for research articles. It covers all major disciplines of science (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics. Other disciplines are welcome).
    The journal is an electronic-only publication, and no printed version is available.
    The goal of Publications Online is to share freely, without duty fees or partisan spirit, scientific publications.
    Because Science must be shared freely, visualization of articles and article submission is totally free of charge.
    We think that Science must be free, without partisan spirit, so we developped a new and totally independant reviewing process.
    We describe it as a collaborative reviewing process.

    In other Revues, referee are chosen by the editors, they read the manuscript and address their opinion to the editor.
    On the basis of the opinion of two to three scientists, the editor accept or dismiss the publication.
    Sometimes, the manuscript may be accepted if the authors change parts of their document.

    We disagree with this methodology because it displays two major disavantages.

    First, the entire process is totally private and obscure. Only author, referees and editors know the reason why some papers are not published or why some part of the work are substracted (readers don't even know this part have been).
    We think that it is a lack to the scientific community. Sometimes, manuscript, with lack of evidences, are published according to the name of the authors.
    And sometimes, quality paper with plenty of argument are rejected by editors according to referee's opinions.
    This is always the result of the omnipotence of the referee's opinion. This small number of person, who are judge and jury, can not return an impartial verdict.
    We think that it is a lack to the scientific community.

    How do we assess papers sent to Publications Online ?

    Manuscript sent to Publications Online are published in the private part of the site. The publication is anonymized.
    Every member of the scientific community, whatever its grades and knowledges can write a review on the manuscript, and become a referee for its peers. These reviews are written anonymously (an anonymous username is required).
    We think that only specialist of the domains will write reviews because the review have to be detailed to be considered by the editorial board. The reviews are public and freely available for consultation. The anonymization of authors and reviewers avoid collusion and cronyism.
    Reviews are also marked by the authors of the article. This notation helps editors to consider each review. Moreover, forum are opened to permit free discussions about the article.
    Every week, submitted articles are considered and articles with high grade, and good reviews are published in the public part of the site. They are considered as Published.
    Articles with insufficient number of reviews are not considered until they display more than seven reviews. Articles with more than 14 reviews and poor grade are rejected and banned to the rejected articles section.
    Authors are warned about the reject of their article. They are, then, allowed to remove the text of the entire article except the summary.
    Their identity may stay confidential. This possibility is offered to authors to permit future publication in other Revues.
    Rejected articles can also be again put forward as publication. This second submission is allowed if the manuscript is fully revised.

    Now, the Publications Online Team looks for authors who agree with this process and are ready to send Publications to Publications Online Team.
    You can send your articles by mail to or by fax to +(33) 958 633 550 or visit
    Thanks a lot for sending your articles,

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