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    I don't know if it really is in the right category, but I bring you a proposal that might interest you.

    The project deals with the construction of machines that can work with free energy; some time ago, the Tesla company wanted and tried to build machines that were able to use free energy for their operation, an example is photovoltaic solar panels. Unfortunately the project of this company failed.

    Currently, the Spaniard Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor has a project in mind (the Tesla Project); seeks to create a replica, or a machine, that uses free energy. Therefore, he's in the search of professionals who have experience and/or knowledge in the area of ​​electricity, electromagnetism, mechanics, or in areas that are related to Tesla.

    It's important to clarify that this project is non-profit; that's, anyone who wants to participate must do it for pleasure or personal improvement. You will not have to contribute anything other than your knowledge, because the project is financed by Mr. Gómez Tejedor.

    Now that you know this, are you willing to help? Do you know anyone who might be interested? Do you have more questions? If so, write to the following address for more information:

    And, I'll leave some links that may be of interest (spanish)

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrmaBrocks View Post
    ... a replica, or a machine, that uses free energy.
    By "free energy", you mean, solar, wind, water, wave, tidal or geothermal energy, right?

    Your example was solar panels.

    This space for rent
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