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    Because I responded to, and entered my e-mail address to Greenpeace ( I should have known better ) the other day I have since been swamped with what seems like some extraordinary junk.. Here is a sample of some of them...
    ~ from two banks I do not have a accounts with., ~ Dear Mark please use the link provided to access your Bank.
    You will be asked for your account details as a security check will guarantee your privacy.. We have noted your computer has issues which require urgent attention.
    ~ Your urgent attention is sought to make safe your banking security. Please enter your account details in the link provided..... and then from the parent co. of the company I work for.. ' Dear sir it is noted you have not claimed important credit information offered to you recently. Please open the link provided.... bla, bla bla..
    Delete is my only friend. ( that last one is really apparent as the co is a NZ owned operation. So why is the email from Slovenia ? Hmm..

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