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    Apologies for adding twice....

    Hi guys,

    I run a popular science website "The Mr Science Show - your weekly prescription of popular science."

    The idea is that we talk about science in a social context - so the issues people want to hear about - in a fun and entertaining manner.

    The website has been around for a year now and so contains quite a lot of information, from more serious topics on the events of 2006, to "The Travelling Scientist" and "The Beer Drinking Scientists" series, in which we look at the science around us, on the road, or over a beer chatting to people down at the pub. There is also a series on love, plenty of links and resources. All of this is captured on the podcast as well.

    Starting up this year there will be podcast, book and website reviews.

    The podcast has been running for a year now and has been getting plenty of downloads - it has been featured on the front page of itunes podcasts. There are video podcasts, live radio shows and live field recordings. The link is:

    Or look it up in itunes.

    Feel free to write into the site, digg the stories or the podcast, or leave comments on itunes. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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