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Thread: Excellent site to get free ebooks, journal articles and other scientific resources

  1. #1 Excellent site to get free ebooks, journal articles and other scientific resources 
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    Hello Everyone,
    I came across one excellent site wherein we can get free ebooks and journal articles.
    This site has dedicated request zone with very active moderators and users practically having access to almost all the journals and ebooks available on internet.
    In my experience, average time taken for solving request is less than 30 minutes.
    If you need electronic scientific resource do visit this site.

    Name of the site is: *Removed*

    Have a look at the website. Hope it would be useful in your research.


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    Is it legal? How do you know the uploader is not breaching copyright?

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    I have to ask the same question? We can't have what could amount to a spam post linking to a site that violates copyright.

    In fact, I am hiding the link for now.
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