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    Dear Researcher,

    In continuation of our efforts to provide the quality services to researchers and scholars all over the world, we are striving to improve our services. To facilitate you with the advances of new technology so that your work should reach across the boundaries in minimum time through our distinguished Online Segment Journals, we are proud to announce following journals as free of publication cost journals.

    You are invited to submit your research work in the new issues of following distinct Segment Journals. The articles will be reviewed by standard process and if accepted that will be published immediately.

    Free Academic Journals

    · Information Technology Segment
    · Vaccine Segment
    · Toxicological Segment
    · Entomological Segment
    · Plant Pathology Segment

    Other Journals

    · Biological Segment (eISSN: 2220-2021)
    · Applied Science Segment (eISSN: 2220-2013)
    · Agricultural Segment (eISSN: 2220-2005)
    · Nutritional Segment
    · Sociological Segment

    The salient features of Segment Journals are:

    • Open Access Publisher
    • Online Journals, can be accessed worldwide
    • Online Submission
    • Fast Processing
    • Manuscript Tracking System
    • Free PDF for unlimited re-prints

    For more information and to submit papers online, please visit:

    You can also join us on Facebook, Wordpress and Twitter to get the latest updates.


    Managing Director,
    Segment Journals

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    You have already made a thread about these journals:

    What are the impact factors of these journals?

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    A couple of things about the wording of the OP gave me cause to pause anyway without going to the site itself.

    The site or conference promoted by the Opening Post in this thread has been left active as a potential service to members.

    Neither the owner of the site, nor any of the administration team have investigated the credentials of the conference organisers, or site operators.

    No endorsement of the site, nor judgement of its quality, is implied by allowing this thread to remain public.
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