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Thread: Hierarchial-Temporal Memory (a simple electronic version of the neocortex)

  1. #1 Hierarchial-Temporal Memory (a simple electronic version of the neocortex) 
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    Here are some links for Jeff Hawkins' hierarchial temporal memory, which is based on the neocortex. I believe it does everything fundamental which the neocortex does. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. It's fairly technical, so if you don't want to learn how it works in detail, there are some links for excerpts of On Intelligence which are interesting and easier to understand. An in-depth pdf.
    Numenta - YouTube A youtube channel, with a lot of information. The one with the grid-like image is best for learning the details, while the others are more general. The talk is long, but is another option for learning how it works.
    On Intelligence Excerpt - Prologue An excerpt from Hawkins' book, which presents some non-complex problems with more conventional AI.

    "It is the ability to make predictions about the future that is the crux of intelligence."
    -Jeff Hawkins.
    For example, you can predict that 3+5=8. You can predict what sequence of muscle commands you should generate during a conversation, or whether an object is a desk or a chair. The brain is very complicated, but that is essentially how intelligence works. Instinct, emotions, and behavior are somewhat seperate.
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