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Thread: What the real Chinese people have to say.

  1. #1 What the real Chinese people have to say. 
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    If you are interested in reading what actual Chinese people living in mainland China have to say about stuff, and not censored by the government, check out this website:

    China news and articles. Social justice, people's life and mentality. | Ministry of Tofu

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    Very insightful website, thank you.

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    Yes, I have been combing through the articles and I agree with Japith.
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    Interesting. How do we know the articles are actually from mainland China or that they represent the average Chinese person's view ? (As opposed to Taiwan or London?)

    (I remember seeing journalists on a FrontLine report asking Chinese students about a photo of the Tank guy, and the students were almost as clueless as if you asked the average American on the street what was the USS Liberty incident.)
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    Surely the view of the average Chinese is, "When can I get out of this damn rice paddy and move to the big city like Chen Huo and Mao Han?"
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