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Thread: A powerful mobile math/science computing platform/web tool

  1. #1 A powerful mobile math/science computing platform/web tool 
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    *Note: This math tool is for *educational/academic purposes ONLY* to solve larger scale math/science problems.

    My friends and I are working on a public mobile computing platform that could be of interest to this community.

    The URL is at:

    Instructions to use is at: syntax is a free mobile large-scale computing platform (this is like a heavily souped up TI-83 or TI-89). We create the capability for users to perform heavy scientific/math calculations on the web or on their mobile devices.

    Perform intensive math/science/engineering calculations, matrix operations like multiplication/inverses, plot graphs of functions, operations on polynomials like multiplication/differentiation/integration, evaluate Fast Fourier Transforms, manipulate complex numbers and much more! Does not require any installation or plugin.

    This tool is currently still under continuous development and enhancement (this is our first stable release), and we appreciate your feedback! Let us know what math functions that we should add, and what features would generally be useful for scientists/engineers/students/teachers. If it is feasible we will try to program it in. We are continuously adding new technical functions.

    To start you guys off, as an initial math problem you could perhaps expand the polynomial (x^2+1)^999. This is hard by hand calculation, but in RapidCalculator you will just type the command:


    and see the results! Your graphing calculator will probably not be able to display this (we tested this on the TI-89), but not this platform! A lot of the calculations not possible on your graphing calculators/mobile devices will be possible on our computing platform.

    Thanks, and we appreciate feedback!

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