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    Hi all,
    I've been involved with BOINC (Berkeley's Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) since 2010 and it's a great way to contribute to scientific research from the comfort of your own home. Essentially you download their interface and choose projects to connect to. These projects will then in turn automatically send work to your computer (based on your preferences) which the CPU on your computer will compute when you are not using it. This network of project scientists and volunteers allows for more computationally intensive projects to be completed with an otherwise limited availability of supercomputers. Donating your spare CPU time allows these scientists and engineers to do work they may otherwise not be able to do without expensive supercomputers or years of running simulations on a small number of processors.

    More info on BOINC can be found at their website: BOINC

    You will then need to attach to projects, this is done through their interface. You can explore individual project's websites to see where you would like to contribute. I would suggest checking out a mathematics laboratory studying polynomial number theory. They are doing some great work. They can be found here:

    Happy number crunching!

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