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    I was wondering are they any good Geology sites on the net, which gives you news and articles on things like volcanoes... Anything as long as it's relating to earth?

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    For timely reports on earthquakes throughout the world this is an excellent site. I have given you the link to the page with the most recent earthquakes listed, but browse through the site and you will find a wealth of information.

    In particular look at this page,, which links to information on earthquakes by country. However, the links tend to be general, going well beyond seismology into many other branches of geology. You should find this a very fruitful source.

    For reports on volcanic activity worldwide go to this excellent site maintained by the Smithsonian Institute:

    This includes links to the Global Weekly Volcanic Activity Reports prepared jointly by the Smithsonian and the USGS.

    This week they report on ten ongoing eruptions and four new incidents of activity or unrest.

    Hope these help.

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