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    College students have international pervasive influence
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    Future Leaders run Non-Profit Journal

    Cornell. NY – Future world leaders at universities around the world work to identify critical issues in science, society and law, putting their research into a peer review international print and on-line journal. Seven chapters have distributed journals in print this spring, a unprecedented feat among college campuses in the United States.

    Since its inception at Cornell University in 2004, The Triple Helix: The International Journal of Science, Society and Law, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has expanded to 23 universities world wide. Over 600 students are involved in chapters at MIT, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, Brown, Columbia, and Dartmouth. It is the first and only completely student-run international print journal in the world.

    Newest chapters internationally include Oxford, the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, the National University of Singapore, Melbourne University, and Cambridge. The Triple Helix advisor, Venkatraman Mohan of Sceata Technology Group, LLC, supports the expansion, stating:

    “Science has no boundaries. Following an extremely successful launch in the US, expanding TTH's operations to international arena is an excellent strategic move. Given the high caliber of the TTH organization, it is no wonder that a number of talented students from reputed international schools would like to get involved and contribute to its greater success. Congratulations to the entire TTH team.”

    The Triple Helix is published bi-annually. Topics featured this month include “The Birth of the Artificial Womb” and “Defining Biotech”. University students across the world are seizing the opportunity to be involved with the vital issues of the day.

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    How rude. Anyshoo, you are free to post articles on this latest service in the "News" section as they become available on different websites than your own.

    Please consider the rules and etiquette of the board you are posting at next time.

    Mr U

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