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    Made a little list of biology-themed lectures that are available online. Some are full courses, some are standalone. All are generally quite long - 30 minutes to 2 hours. I'll add more later.

    iBioSeminars - Biological Mechanisms (25 lectures) link

    iBioSeminars - Cell Biology & Medicine (22 lectures) link

    iBioSeminars - Chemical Biology and Biophysics (14 lectures) link

    iBioSeminars - Developmental Biology and Evolution (17 lectures) link

    Yale Courses "Evolution, Ecology and Behavior with Stephen C. Stearns" (36 lectures) link

    Case Western Reserve University - Year of Darwin (21 lectures) link

    MIT Introductory Biology (34 lectures) link

    UCBerkeley - Integrative Biology 131 - General Human Anatomy (40 lectures) link

    UCBerkeley - Biology 1A (39 lectures) link

    UCBerkeley - Biology 1AL (lab) (12 lectures) link

    UCBerkeley - Biology 1B (39 lectures) link

    StanfordUniversity - The Necessity of the Immune System link

    StanfordUniversity - Darwin's Legacy (10 lectures) link

    StanfordUniversity - Astrobiology and Space Exploration (12 lectures) link

    StanfordUniversity - Genomics and Personalized Medicine link

    StanfordUniversity - The 3 Rs of DNA: Molecules to Medicine link

    2010 Lasker Lecture from the Lasker Foundation: "The Origin of Cellular Life and the Emergence of Darwinian Evolution" by Jack Szostak (in 9 parts): link

    Emory University - Beyond the Genome: DNA Is Not Destiny link

    Virology Blog - Biology W3310 (26 lectures - audio & slides link

    uclacourses - Life, Concepts and Issues: UCLA Life Sciences (19 lectures) link

    uclacourses - Genetic Engineering and Society: Honors Collegium 70A, UCLA (34 l3ctures) link

    The UNiversity of Arizona - Biological Evolution: What It Is and What It Isn't (7 lectures) link

    Vanderbilt University - Evolutionary Developmental Biology link

    Vanderbilt University - Stem Cells and Their Lineages in Skin link

    Vanderbilt University - Signal Transduction in Disease and Response to DNA Damage link

    Wonderfest 2008: Will Genetics Allow Us to Revive Extinct Species? link

    richarddawkinsdotnet "Why Evolution Is True" by Jerry Coyne, AAI 2009 link

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