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    I have been working with to provide a science-oriented, free, non-commercial microblog (similar to Twitter, but open-source and without the noise).

    You can see the latest status updates at

    All the normal methods for subscribing to updates should work in your favorite Twitter-like client or service. Since this service is based on federated open-microblogging, there are a variety of ways to include science-related status updates in your daily feed.

    To contribute your own science-related news and other tidbits, click "Login" in the upper-right (you can even use your existing Twitter or OpenID-compatible login ID). Once you are logged in, you can subscribe to the general feed (@science) or to individuals. To post an update for public consumption, include "@science" somewhere in your message.

    Thanks for checking out the service, and I hope that you find it useful.

    -Dan S ( editor)

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