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Thread: Discussion on the Paranormal.

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    Hi, my name is Smitts.

    Please take the time to help my new forum grow into a place for discussion.

    At I strive for users to have a great experience on talking about up to date news or past news on the

    paranormal and science based topics.

    From the theory of time travel and astral projection to hauntings and life after death.

    It takes really no time at all to join and it is absolutely free and non-profit.

    We have a great working chat box.

    Although there are only a small amount if members registered, it is because the site has just been created and still has a little

    bit of work to do.

    Thanks for your time!
    I hope you join and help the site grow!

    talk about science and the paranormal at
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    i love to ready paranormal science based books.

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    Paranormal > paraletic and then normal Like hide and seek for the rich innit.
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