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    Hello all. I have come across a dilemma. I have been right eye dominant for the majority of my life (26 years). Three years ago I found myself in college, with a new job, with high demands, and a very stressful schedule. I would get severe migraines and have problems focusing and sleeping. Apparently sometime in that duration I had become left eye dominant. As far as I have read this is not possible but for three years I have been primarily focusing from my left eye. To make things even more confusing, recently I have been having the same symptoms as 3 years prior (headaches, lack of sleep, eye strain). On Monday the 27th 2009, I laid in bed with a horrible migraine. Not being able to focus or sleep, being driven to the point of madness with frustration and pain, I passed out. I woke up disoriented and having problems with my depth perception. I had become right eye dominant again. The only reason I even bring this up is because I am worried. Ive had to call off from work for the past couple of days due to not being able to think or see straight. It is a very disorienting feeling. Every time I try to focus with my left eye I receive horrible migraines. It feels as if my left eye has "given out" due to strain and just doesn't want to focus anymore. I know that stress does crazy things but is this normal or should I seek professional help?

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