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Thread: CEO turned Cleaner?

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    Would a person (lets say a CEO) who is used to money, power and status take a job as a general cleaner if after the economic crises that is the only job available? Watch this Job search video clip.

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    As a seldom broken rule, businesspeople in crisis try increasingly wild schemes. I actually have a friend who owns two businesses and is living out of her car right now. Rammed a gate to steal it out of impoundment. With two children. She just leased a storefront and I guess she's going to sell one business to start this third, network manically, wheedle loans, repeat repeat.

    I guess at rock bottom your typical CEO would be smashing windows and running DVD players to the local pawnshop.

    Sometimes in the early morning I see shabby characters trudging through the slush collecting pop bottles for the refund money. That's how they survive. I realize they would rather die than stoop to burglary. And they do die.

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