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    Information to compare ussing chamber systems:

    Click here for a ussing chamber search:

    A new website has hit the net that compares many of the new Ussing Chamber Systems that are on the current market. It compares systems from Physiologic Instruments, Warner Instruments, WPI, iWorx's, Dagan, and more.

    You can find this site at I hope you find it helpful if you are in the market of a Ussing Chamber System.

    There is not a lot of help out there when you are buying laboratory equipment and I hope that the site can help you in comparing the different systems.

    Keywords: studying transport across epithelial barriers, voltage clamps, ussing chamber systems, sliders, classic ussing chamber system.

    Wiki definition of an ussing chamber can be found here:

    Physiologic Instruments:
    Physiologic Instruments designs and manufactures instrumentation, ussing chamber systems and data acquisition products for studying transport across epithelial barriers. Transepithelial voltage, short-circuit current and resistance are measured using single and multi-channel voltage/current clamps that may be directly connected to Acquire & Analyze for automating data collection and analysis.

    Warner Instruments
    The U9926 and U2500 Self-Contained Ussing chambers improve on the Classic design by bringing the solution reservoir into the chamber housing. This dramatically reduces the size of the apparatus and increases the ease-of-use of the system.

    World Precision Instruments
    WPIís Ussing System offers researchers a quick, effective means of making low-resistance electrical connections to the Ussing chamber without need of long agar bridges or Calomel half-cells. Ag/AgCl half-cells screw into short tubes which plug firmly into place in the chamberís luer ports. These direct-connect electrodes eliminate the inconvenience and expense of Calomel half-cells in open liquids. The System includes one Ussing Chamber (eight sizes available), Support Stand, Electrode Kit, Glass Circulation Reservoir (two sizes available), and a Tubing start-up kit (25 feet of 0.375-in. tubing, 10 feet of 0.156-in. tubing, plus four male luer fittings, two compressor clamps, one Y-connector, and one clip). Components are also available separately.

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