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    Watch this animation The Cogwheel Adventures. I received this from a friend, just wanted to share.

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    Animation is a technique of art in simulating moting by fast moving images. It usess pictures (2-D) in a framed sequene.

    Traditional Animation
    This type of animation consists of-as said before, many picture drawn with slight adjustments. This technique is no longer used. The last show to ever use "cell's" was the 1999 Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd, and Eddy, which switched over to computer celled animation after season 3.

    Stop Motion Animation
    The series "Wallace and Grommit" are probably the best examples of this. It is when ACTUAL 3-D OBJECT's which are usually made by human's (like clay or plastic or rubber). They put the scenery up and everything, and take a picture of it. They then make very little adjustments to the sculptures, then take more pictures. It takes a very long time to make these scenes. This type of animation usually has been replaced by computer animation.
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    For advanced flash creation tool for the graphic artist or web professional i'll recommend SWiSH Max4
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