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    The name's Miri, I hail from Texas and am currently a senior in high school so pardon my naivety.

    Up until 9th grade I've always wanted to be a software programmer. Sometime early my 10th grade year I fell under false delusions that I would enjoy myself thoroughly in a foreign language major because it was "easier" than a major in the sciences. I could already speak English, Chinese; was learning French, Japanese, Portuguese; and had previously studied Spanish. So why not?

    For about two years I submerged myself in the world of the foreign tongues, mastering with ease all the grammatical forms and vocabulary that was thrown at me.

    But something was wrong. Terribly wrong. I looked at my class schedules. I saw it full of science courses and only a few foreign language ones. I thought about a career with a single major in one foreign language and shuddered; did I really want to spend my days doing translation? Sure, good money, but how many people get those coveted spots? Sure, in high demand, but would I enjoy it?

    Senior year started, and my schedule was comprised of AP Physics C, AP English IV, AP Macroeconomics, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP French V, AP Computer Science II. I found myself loving the maths and sciences with a renewed vigor that hadn't been kindled since elementary arithmetic class.

    I immediately switched my planned major back to Computer Science.
    And I know I have made the right choice =) The world of science is and will always be the one I love best.

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    rock on welcome to the forum

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    Hey mimi
    Es ist Zeit für sauberen

    You guys
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    However, you also appear to have good language skills. A combination of these with science and technology is a powerful asset. You will be the one who gets all the international assignments.
    Welcome. Bienvenu. Bienvenida. ようこそ. Boas-vindas. 歡迎.
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    Everything in life is just another language. The more you learn the better you get at learning them. In my opinion the eastern languages are very important. The pictures help develop good memory. A single symbol can bring an array of meaning, and other visualizations. Science has many languages of its own too.

    Anyways, I enjoyed your story.

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