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Thread: hey. i thought a twice before submit me..

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    i thought a twice before submit me to this forum, i dunno why but maybe coz i know that i`ll spend a lot of time here, talking about similar topics.

    introduce myself, good question??
    My name is Gabriela (Gaby) but almost everybody calls me Paz (long history). Im living in Monterrey, Mex. Im 22, nowadays, just working on my thesis to get my bachelor degree that i hope it could be as soon as possible coz I really need to get a job or continue with my master, i dont know what to do with myself yet..

    The last year, after finished my studies, i took a free time just to travel around my beautiful country, so, it wasnt a waste time for me. i could go more far but u have to start with ur own place, otherwise, money retain me here, student life is great but abscence of it.

    Im interesting in population genetics and enviromental biotechnology. i know a little different branches. I really would like to do a master in Europe or other country, for example, New Zealand,OOoohh.. dreams.. dreams... i need get a schoolarship first, etc.. etc.. I have a very uncertain future now, so, suggestions about how apply and where apply, about masters are welcome.. :-D

    An ordinary and common life is acceptable but even with ordinary thoughts really sucks, oops. i have to many questions of everything..

    p.s. I love Yann Tiersen music (Good Bye Lenin and Amelie compositer ), so, find me with more fans of him, it would be great..

    sorry for my english..

    adios a todos


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