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Thread: Greetings TSF - OK to use transcriber?

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    Hello, Your forum is a godsend. A family member transcribes my writing because I do not currently have Internet access where I've been for two years (i will try to answer questions via private message or email - nothing horrible -- just not the place to discuss). And there's no one where I am with interest in science.

    I was homeschooled and completed a semester of college, but I am mostly self-taught -- previously via the Internet, and for the past two years, via print journals, magazines, article printouts mailed to me, books and correspondence courses. I have always loved learning, and my top interests are all things science, including technology (all areas but especially computer programming (the latter on hold until I am back home with the Internet) and politics.

    I am eager to communicate with others who care about science! I don't know to what extent I can participate. Is it OK for my mother (she is a journalist, ethical, and she transcribes my blog and other things too) to copy some forum posts to letters so that I may participate?
    ​ I am the ONLY one who would see them. Besides seeking answers to my science questions, I feel I can contribute by answering some questions. I also would love to engage in discussions.

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