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    I'm Robert Hutchison, originally from Chester, Montana, now living in Portland, OR. Graduated from CHS in 1962 and attended college for one quarter but decided to go to a trade school instead, so I went to Dunwoody Industrial Institute, 1964-66. My father owned a weekly newspaper in Chester and worked there through my school
    years. Worked in printing industry until retirement. My hobbies are reading, mostly science fiction and now am proud to be a TREKKER! I also like listening to music, jazz, classical, golden oldies. My favorite subjects in school was also everything except mathematics! Am also a big fan of Sherlock Holmes (I have read them all many times).

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    Resident of Big Island of Hawai'i since 2003, and in Bayside, Ca. since 1981, Humboldt since 1977

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