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Thread: Is there a difference betwwen the 'light' at sunset and that at sunrise?

  1. #1 Is there a difference betwwen the 'light' at sunset and that at sunrise? 
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    Looking out of the window after 4pm today ( perhaps 15 minutes before sunset) in southern UK I was reminded of the impression I have - that the sunlight just before sunset at my latitude is 'warmer' (i.e. redder) than the sunlight at an equivalent time just after sunrise. Am I mistaken in this idea? Surely the light should appear the same, having about the same amount of scattering as it passes through a similar amount of the atmosphere at both times of the day?

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    The fundamental physics of the light scattering should be the same at sunrise and sunset but clouds can have an enhancing effect. It may just be your sunrise and sunset observations have differing cloud types at different heights...

    You may find this link useful:

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