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Thread: Will I live this matter in chinese ,too? and some other queries.

  1. #1 Will I live this matter in chinese ,too? and some other queries. 
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    Firstly I would express something and provide my questions indirectly in meaning.

    my family would like me to learn russian language instead another one. but I would learn chinese. I do not know very well why I would learn chinese but here are some details that cause me to would this.

    ** chinese (mandarin) is the most spoken language
    ** this language is a bit interesting in my opinion. for instance I enjoy very much its characters. I do not know why but I really feel myself very fresh or different whenever I see chinese characters.
    this is presumably the core of reason why I would learn this language.
    ** the language is polyphonic.

    for some various reasons ,I will probably be unable to walk around the world (also this means ,I will probably be unable to go out of the country that now I live.(I live in turkey now)

    although I love and would go from this country (very much) (at least visit some countries (e.g.:england,france,australia,usa,hong kong (china),new delhi (india)..etc) it does not seem possible.while of course this is making me unhappy,I again have expectation/hope.

    someones are suggesting me to learn japanese but really I do not want. as I said ,I want to learn chinese.

    but what to do based on given instructions. my family would me to learn russian,however,there is almost none in my family who is educated as I said in the past.

    while learning characters / romanizations is joyfull for me , I am unsure I am in right way at a point: when I have been learning english , I have almost been disappointed at application. simply I would say that the pronunciations is not easy in english. I have still had pains particularly although now I have actively been using it.

    so,I am feeling anxious and think whether I will complete the big part of portrait if I learn sufficient words in chinese. (preferably more than 2000 words)


    there is almost no grammar in chinese as you know. I emphasize the pronunciation.

    With Kind Regards

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