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    I was prompted to introduce myself, so I will, and although I am not one to dwell on first impressions hopefully, you find mine suiting.

    My formal name is Autumn K. Lif (pronounced LEE-PH), I am, as of posting this, 17 years of age and in my last year of secondary school. I live in the vast wilderness that is Canada, and more specifically, Ontario. I don't have any degrees under my belt as of yet, except an unofficial degree in sarcasm. Hopefully, that doesn't make you think any less of my presence here on this forum.

    As my username might hint I am particularly interested in the science of aging, but I love all sciences in general and do not discriminate them at all in conversation. I love learning new things and that is my main reason for joining this forum, to learn. I have a natural hunger for knowledge, my mother regularly tells me that asking one hundred and one questions won't get me to one hundred and one. We will see.

    I love meeting new people and hearing others ideas and interests so please feel free to leave a comment or message and if anyone has some good threads or articles you'd like to recommend, let me know! I look forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsSenescenceBiatch View Post
    unofficial degree in sarcasm.
    Yeah, like that's needed here.

    "[Dywyddyr] makes a grumpy bastard like me seem like a happy go lucky scamp" - PhDemon
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