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Thread: I think I might love math because of science, so much that I joined a Forum.

  1. #1 I think I might love math because of science, so much that I joined a Forum. 
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    Science is all I ever think about. I ask why, until I can't anymore. (About everything) And suppose all possibilities. Currently in college. Over 200 credits, would like to graduate with two BS concurrent. I am an infinity senior. Taking precalc for the 4th time. Math should be taught in reverse. Or along with the science that requires it. I have taken many sciences and have been able to maintain B+. This may be due to conceptually applying the math to find X, where precal for example is just numbers. When I do not understand the math involved with science I look it up, and figure it out and recall is improved.....blahblahblah. And I also would benefit from a pocketprotector. Thanks for having this place to probe further!

    I found this forum because I googled this
    "can u set negative infinity,infinity equal to negative infinity,infinity" to figure out what the universe is inside of.

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