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Thread: A High School Student Interested In Science

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    What an original title.

    Either way, I'm Ethan. I'm 14, and I'm currently trying to do everything I can to do improve my knowledge of science, such as taking AP courses, reading reference material, watching scientific YouTubers (ie. Crash Course, VSauce, Veritasium, Kurzgesagt) However, I've recently been interested in what I can do to actually experiment and do scientific analysis. Without the tools and various abilities to observe things on a micro or macroscopic level, I was curious what can be done to actually help in this manner, although that may sound naive. My other thing is that I'm running into a little bit of a knowledge barrier, while PDFs of many studies can be found online, and many textbooks, youtube videos, free courses, etc. can be found, I have a hard time bridging this gap without things like college courses or other things I don't have access to.

    I suppose this is the introduction section, so I'll also tell a little bit about myself. I've been a long time musical thespian, playing roles and getting involved in musical theatre when I can. It's my ideal job (although really at this point in my life I'm not too concerned about that), but science is my backup. I mostly have interest in Astronomy/Cosmology and Physics. I'm also a bit of a gamer, to be somewhat stereotypical. I'd be glad to get to know all of you, to hear your scientific ideas, and to get involved in this forum!

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    Hi there, I'm new around here too and was really pleased to see someone around my own age. I'm not sure you can relate to this, but the People I'm usually in contact with don't always share my interests, seeing you here is... encouraging.

    unless you lied about your age. (please take that as the joke, it was meant to be)

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