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Thread: Hello, it's me, young science enthusiast from Portugal

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a first-year business student, so not exactly a field directly related to science but I've always been interested in a wide variety of scientific subjects from natural sciences to social sciences.

    During my childhood, I was the weird kid who spent most of his time reading books about astronomy (I find space in general to be the most fascinating and beautiful subject there is), dinosaurs, history, and ocean animals.
    And then during my teenage years I gained interest in social sciences such as psychology, philosophy, economics, and politics.

    And, finally, even though I'm not in a science or engineering degree, I have a lot of math in college and I'm struggling with it. Although I think I'm now grasping some concepts about matrices and linear algebra, but I'm still struggling... I'm now tryna understand the optimization stuff. Funnily enough, math was actually my favorite subject in school and the one I did better during elementary school, but for some reasons since 8th/9th grade I basically suck at math. But I wanna get better and maybe I'll find some useful advices here.

    PS : English isn't my first language but I hope you understood everything

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