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Thread: Architect that I am blessed, qualified and practicing to my best as: to build being my most prime professional duty; and to build all that mankind needs; is and must be the only one greatest aim for myself and of us all.

  1. #1 Architect that I am blessed, qualified and practicing to my best as: to build being my most prime professional duty; and to build all that mankind needs; is and must be the only one greatest aim for myself and of us all. 
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    ARTURE MsM: Practicing Consultant as Proprietor of Organization: Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape & Town-Planners having accomplished, intensively serving on highly challenging Major Ministry & National Government & Private Projects; of international repute; since 1980 in Bombay/ Mumbai; New Delhi/ Hyderabad and all major cities of India, together with Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Heading Departments of : Design of All Engineering Disciplines & ; Managements; Laison; Supervision & Construction Teams from scratch to finish. Dar-Al-Majd Consulting Engineers, Saudi Architects, SaudConsult, Manasara, Premnath & Associates, Panorama Consultants Muscat Ooman, Masters & Asso., Design Asso., AA&Asso., Ved Segan & Asso., Kondor Interiors, The Archisium.(Saudi Aramco, Hospital at Abquiq.

    Data Management Centre; Saudi Arabian National Gruards project (SANG),U.S.Airforce Projects,Ministry of Defence and Aviation ( MODA), Saudi Arabian Airlines, Jeddah including,Multi-storied Car-park Complex and Landscape works Scada Centre for SCECO, Royal Saudi Air Force, Taif: Main Management, Supply and Store Building Complexe and anxilliary buildings.Ministry of Interior: Tabuk Imarah Palace: Governorate Office Complex.Sports Complexes, Sky-scrapers, Multi-storied Towers: Commercial & Residential; Commercial Shopping Malls / Centers; Ministry of Health( 500 and Specialized Hospital Projects, Palaces and Large Villas; Multi-storied Apartment Complexes /Compounds,Townships/Neighborhoods-Development Projects;Universities Design & Development Projects;Schools Projects; Training Centers / Institutes;Mosques;5 Hotels; Banks;Residences.

    Architect: Architecture - the mother of All Art! Struggle to be worthy of 'Ethical Inspiring, Learning, Understanding, Educating :Constructive Concepts of Universal Building' in the very essence and in every form of the word; in truth transformed into thought, words and deeds, as much as possible, within reach and means, in life.

    From 'Building' blessed homes/ roof on every man's head; being his most fundamental right and the most primary need of every man to lead a civilized life is and has been always the job, up to every necessities of mankind in terms of architecture and to accomplish, all that necessitates without breeding the flourishing 'exploitation' concepts that are prevalent and ever increasing, and have set marks of impossibilities for achieving such noblest goals ever since man was created, such that we aim to convert this our blessed 'world' into a 'heaven'.[/COLOR]

    Architect being significantly a molecular fragment in comparison to and as he is and must be able to reflect that virtue of Almighty God (Allah) our One and Only Creator of the Universe.

    This most fundamental duties that are expected to form the basics for all mankind have been essentially lost to make it as our most purposeful existence in the world.

    Exploitation of every forms that have been propagated and are prevalent and are increasing day to day towards contrary to building and making our world to never reach our most essential duties, is most discouraging in the world that we exist today.

    Architecture was never supposed to be and never should have been the tool to exploitation. It is and should get reverted to assurance that every man has his need and requirements reachable with ease for leading his meaningful lives; being the prime and only blessed destiny of all architecture.

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    Excluding the completely out of place (and unsupported) religious drivel:
    Quote Originally Posted by MdShafiqM View Post
    Almighty God (Allah) our One and Only Creator of the Universe.
    the rest of your post looks like self-promoting spam.
    What's your point here?

    "[Dywyddyr] makes a grumpy bastard like me seem like a happy go lucky scamp" - PhDemon
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    Welcome all from the 'the science forum"!

    This is an introduction of myself, please. No offence.

    Thanks & Best Wishes to All!
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    Nice to hear from someone who is passionate about their chosen career. Welcome and good luck with your career.
    Without wishing to overstate my case, everything in the observable universe definitely has its origins in Northamptonshire -- Alan Moore
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