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    I like to theorize about space and time. I think of it as there is an infinite amount of realities and universes, such as Elmers theory. So yea. I see time not as a straight line, but as a tree. In example, lets say it started at me this morning. I could decide which shampoo to use in the shower. That would make two different realities. Coconut reality, and mango orange reality. What would i do next in mango orange reality? Play some video games, watch rick and morty? that would make uncountable realities. What i would do after watching rick and morty, what episode would i watch next, would i get something to drink, eat a snack? Thats what it think. There is a universe where hitler won world war ii. seeya.

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    You're not - so far - theorising, you're speculating (possibly baselessly).

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