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    Greetings everyone!

    I don't quite remember how i ended up on this forum, but that doesn't matter. It sure looks fun around here hah! Well, back on topic, presentation right? So, a little something about me then, first things first, I'm not a professional yet, still on university, studying medicine, and eager learner to anything new about physics, technology and mathematics. Yeah, pretty weird right? I have close to none interest in biology despite being a med student hah! Well, ok, that's a lie, I do have some interest, but knowing only the human body, specially the nervous system, and the way it works, is way more than fine for me and my purposes. At least on the biology departament, hah!

    But then well, why medicine then? Why not be a physicist, or a matematician, or even an engineer? Many reasons really, don't want to bore you with all of them, so, here is the prime one: to be a part in the upcoming technology wave concerning the brain. In the next 20 to 30 years I believe technology, one of my passions, will explode its branches to neuroscience, another of my passions. And it is not an unfounded belief, I have evidences (many articles) that it will be that way. No one can tell this much of the future though.

    Well now, let me cut this scientific stuff and talk to you a little about my hobbies, shall I? Well, let's be quick here, I love Japan, everything about it, from their culture and architecture to the mangas and animes. That's it, period, that's all you need to know about me on that matter, really, I'm a fan of the japanese culture, top to bottom. It's a pitty I've never been there...

    But then, why did I mention that afterall? It does seems to be a pretty futile information, but it is the reason why I'm here at all. I believe anyone who has an eye for anime know SAO or Accel World right? Yeah, if you do, then you see where I'm getting at. I saw someone here on this forum say that they would create the NerveGear. When I saw it I started to laugh, because this is just what was in my head, my thoughts exactly! When i finished the SAO series I started thinking "well, this might be possible now, why not?" and then started to look into it. I'll be frank, I found nothing, just speculations, but this really pumped me up. I want to create it, and I see I have a chance. Having a passion for technology, neuroscience and surgery (this one is new for you heh), this might be the perfect project for me to work on in the future.

    Well, I'll create a topic about this as soon as I can find some more time to see how this forum works, there I'll ask for your opinions on that specific point and somethings more. I just said it here because it's the main reason I'm on this forum right now.

    That said, I think I should wrap it up. As you've seen (or rather, read), another passion of mine is writting. I'm not really good at it, though...

    Well, nice to meet you, I hope we can be friends.

    PS: Admins please don't get mad at me for going into many subjects in my presentation, I really though it was necessary.

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    Welcome to your home page.

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