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    Hi guys,
    My name is Hamza and I'm a 12 year old boy from Pakistan. I currently live in KSA and I'm a Grade 7 student at an international school in Saudi Arabia. I am a new member here and pretty much nervous to post anything "scientific"! So, I would like you guys to tell me something about the forum and yourselves and what are the common trends on this forum and I would like to know whether the title you are given (ex. I am stated as a "new member") on the forum will change and what are the ranking for all the members..... and whatsoever. Thanks and I would be happy to get a reply!


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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your title changes with the number of posts you have made. I don't recall what all the titles are, or at what level they change.

    There are many different people on the forum. Some, like yourself are young, others old. I know we have several teenagers, but there are also people in their seventies. Some members are practicing scientists; quite a few of us have science degrees; and many are just interested in science.

    There is also a range of different personalities. Some members may appear to be quite rude, or arrogant. Others are patient and friendly. Please don't be put off by any of the first type. If any one is rude to you please do Report the post where it occurred. (The Report button is the small button at the bottom of lest of each post.)

    I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

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    Welcome Hamza. Are there any specific fields that interest you?
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