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    Following my original question, I'd like to know if any computer models have been attempted concerning weather in earlier periods of Earth history.
    I realise there are many factors to feed into such a process, but it seems worthwhile to try. What set my curiosity off was the rate of Earth spin, for
    example, 245 MY BP it has been calculated Earth's year was about 386 days, thus Earth spin was significantly greater. To me this suggests weather
    on a more frequently severe scale. I also wonder if this had some bearing on the evolution of life forms in the Cambrian era around 500 MY (412 day year).

    I have had a great fascination with Earth history starting at about age 18 when I bought a major text on Historical Geology. At 73 I am still as
    keen to learn more, especially concerning the obvious evolution of life.
    Recently I had the pleasure of climbing to the Burgess Shales for a tour and discussion, having read up on this fascinating period of evolutionary

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    Why do you think it would mean more frequent severe weather?

    I don't see that it would make much difference except that the Coriolis effects would be stronger. So you might see some stronger trade winds and storms might spiral a bit more tightly. Other than that I would think shorter days and nights would mean the temperature differences from night to day would not be as extreme.
    I am not an expert on this though so....

    By the way, congratulations on going to see the Burgess (Walcott) shale quarry. The Yoho is a beautiful place.

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