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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Aida and I'm very interested in learning more about global warming efforts. I work for a television production company and I'd love to pitch a show about scientists studying their attempts to better the proliferating situation. If you're doing just that, please respond!

    All The Best,
    Aida Teklemariam I Undertow Films

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    How do!

    "And, behold, I come quickly;" Revelation 22:12

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    Very welcome!
    I am not a climate scientist, but I believe we have several such qualified members who post here frequently.
    Climate change threads happen frequently on this forum. As far as climate scientists changing public opinion? I believe some small measure of that goes on here. A lot of such work appears to be debunking denialist talking points. A lot of the science is present in some of the members posts.
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    Yes, scientists that are trying to change public opinion or even research efforts to prove alternative methods are effective in making a difference. I'll definitely look through the member posts. Thanks!
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