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    I am a rationalist who almost overuses intellectualism to such force as to get me hated by almost anyone. No, I still like to be liked. But I have been trying to maintain my own belief (or hope) that I can make a difference even if it might hurt me in the process. I'm not a sadist and definitely prefer to be loved just like I think most people do. But unless I have some other better reason to be distracted at present, I'm hoping that if you enjoy good argumentation (preferably without the intentional abuses from some), I think that you might like me here no matter who you are. Even if you might come to hate what I might have to say, at least I hope that it can be of some use to better critical thinking and more compassion by others to continue to fight for their views, as they all count.

    As to science, I am informally educated on my own but have a very foundational basis in most areas of philosophy and science but am always recognizing that I'm still missing something. I am in favor of nearly all, if not every person even if I don't agree and believe in an open forum that doesn't offend individuals for any view no matter how odd it might be. But I'm also intensively logical at times and almost schizophrenic to be very personable and human at other times depending on my mood.

    I'm using my normal name even though this is not the norm and so hope that you respect that what I write is accountable to me personally and can potentially affect me in both good and bad ways. It may be a risk. But hopefully, you can recognize that I'm trying this in the hopes that others too won't feel offended by being more open publicly as well as to defeat others from trying to use relatively private information against us. One thing is certain: we change. I think that if we all start to feel less fear about being open online, that such information cannot be abused as much against us through time. I have to thank this site (so far) for it's simplistic EULA and hope to see others eventually take this model.

    WARNING: I like depth and so if you don't like my long posts, I only have one recommendation...........Twitter. I recognize that many of you have cell phones with two inch screens and am really not trying to bore you.

    I'm a non-religious skeptic and classify myself as an atheist who can defend it both positively as well as with an agnostic approach. My purpose for being on such a forum is to investigate what others think in regards to science, debate issues where I think I can, and contribute in some potential positive way to the subject. As for science, I love it and respect it even though I have some contentious views of difference on the extremes (Cosmology and Atomic Sciences). Like I've mentioned, I lack the formally qualifying degrees but am still just as competent as I hope to prove. I highly value the traditional and conventional intent of Universal education through the institutions when and where possible. In contrast, some of us have missed at least some gap in our experiences which can sometimes make us ineligible for the luxury of such education for some reason or another. But there can be a great advantage: the way we are able to learn through an interest driven process sometimes enables us the ability to discover things without being spoiled from the biases of the others within the same institutions that might inadvertently prevent them of easily being able to have to undo the very knowledge that they are so invested in. This goes both ways and so I hope that between all of us, formally educated or not, we can take advantage of each other's efforts to come together in the middle and make better sense of reality in the most productive ways possible.

    I'll leave it at that as an intro and look forward to meeting all of you.


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    You are a bit verbose too.
    (warning accepted)

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    Let me just say this up front.

    I am your friend and if you want someone to appreciate you for who you are i will always do that.

    I am self taught as well and i recently joined this community.

    My speciality is philosophy and psychology (i have many other)

    I welcome you my friend and if i may know what is your name or the name you want me to call you?

    I welcome everyone who welcomes me.

    My name is Bruce(my american name.Im from Europe)
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    Hi there!

    "And, behold, I come quickly;" Revelation 22:12

    "Religions are like sausages. When you know how they are made, you no longer want them."
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    Bring it on!
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    Welcome to the forum Scott. I remind you of the apology written (allegedly) by Mark Twain at the end of a letter to a friend.

    "I am sorry. I had intended to write you a two page letter, not one of eight pages, but unfortunately I did not have time."

    Worth thinking about.
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    Welcome to the party.
    "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin
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